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 The students listed below earned their Ambassador Torch Award for the 2018-19 school year.

 Kaleb Amofa
Milli Boni
Carleigh Boyd
Katelyn Gerde
Justin Hauser
Keith Love
Gabby Mahar
Da'Quann Price
Serenity Robertson
Trinity Robinson
Jonathan Romero
David Russell
Isaiah Shields


 Ambassador Pin


NLC 2019

BPA National Leadership Conference will be held in Anaheim, California. Thousands of students from across the country will gather to compete, showcase their business skills and develop their leadership acumen.

Congrats to our 16 Northwest BPA National Qualifiers:

  • Kaleb Amofa - State Officer / National Officer Candidate
  • Milli Boni - Small Business Management Team
  • Carleigh Boyd - Small Business Management Team
  • Robbie Brockert - Business Law & Ethics
  • Tu Cao - Advanced Word Processing
  • Justin Hauser - State Officer
  • Anna Lemon - State Officer
  • Keith Love - Legal Office Procedures
  • Gabby Mahar - Voting Delegate
  • Diego Neri - Economic Research Individual
  • Jack Obermeyer - Admin Support Research Project
  • Trinity Robinson - State Officer
  • David Russell - Voting Delegate
  • Lauryn Russell - Small Business Management Team
  • Hannah Tran - Medical Office Procedures
  • Isaiah Shields - National Officer Campaign Manager

The National Leadership Conference is the culmination of the BPA year filled with hard work and dedication put into competitions, Torch Awards, leadership development, service and more! The National Leadership Conference will offer five exciting days of competitions, leadership development, workshops, National Officer elections, fantastic tours and much more.

We'll be staying at the Anaheim Hilton. Check out some pictures of the hotel below and click HERE for more information...


Anaheim Hilton

Anaheim Hilton

Anaheim Hilton

Anaheim Hilton

Anaheim Hilton

Anaheim Hilton



NLC FINAL Itinerary

NLC FINAL Info Packet

NLC Permission Form and EMA

NLC Pre-Conference Handbook


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