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“I am so grateful for my three years in Financial Foundations and Financial Services. I have learned so many life lessons in here and this class was definitely the best class I had at Northwest.”

Adam Dearinger, 2018

“Financial services pushed me to be a better person.”

Kaitlyn Hayes, 2017

“I will remember this class forever because I have learned so much valuable information. Financial Services has prepared me for the real world more than any other class I have ever taken.”
Kobe Brown, 2016
“Financial Services teaches you so much about real life ... I have learned so much through this class that I never knew before and I still want to learn more!”
Emani Thompson, 2015
“I found a family within the FS classroom that I wouldn’t change for the world. Even on the cloudiest days, Sterling dancing, Keshun singing, or Bungabong stealing snacks could help me find a silver lining. I will forever remember the people and atmosphere in Financial Services.”
India Williams, 2014
“Financial Services has definitely been the highlight of my high school career. This class has been my biggest and fondest memory of high school and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of it.”
Brandon Dalton, 2013
“Financial Services is the best class I’ve ever taken.”
Kelsi Garibay, 2014
“Wow, what a great year this has been in FS with a lot of good memories … memories that I will always look back on.”
Austin Piotrowski Baker, 2015

“Financial Services has ended up being the most influential class I have had in high school because of the people I have met, the trips I have taken, and everything I have learned.”

Marilyn Oduogu, 2016

“My favorite memory from this class would be when we went to Nationals in Boston. I loved my competition and it was a great experience that I was grateful for. I couldn’t have done half the things I’ve accomplished in this class without the guidance and advice from Mr. Clark … I will carry this knowledge with me throughout my life.”

Mikayla Kaminsky, 2017

“Financial Services has taught me so many things that will help me throughout my life. I am just so glad that I was given the opportunity to be included in this class and experience all of the adventures that we have been through.”

Drew Mitchell, 2018

“I chose to join Financial Services, and I am glad that I did because FS changed who I was and made me into who I am. With these twelve years of high school coming to an end, Financial Services has definitely made the last two the most memorable.”

Noah Sammons, 2017

“My time in Financial Services for both my junior and senior years has been amazing. I’ve learned so much and have done things I would never have been able to do had I not decided to apply for this class sophomore year.”

Marisa Fears, 2016
“We had so many different kinds of people and personalities in FS … everyone was introduced to something new and got out of their comfort zone.”
Thai McCowan, 2015
“To say that being in Financial Services was a journey would be an understatement … it was an experience, a brother/sisterhood, a mentorship, and the creation of unforgettable memories.”
Alex Bungabong, 2014
“This has always been … and still will always be … my favorite class and I will never forget about it.”
Jibri Walker, 2013
"These past two years in FS have been really enjoyable. I have learned so many useful things that will help me in the future and I feel like I have all the tools and skills needed to be successful in college and the real world. I am proud to have been part of Financial Services.”
Lexi Campbell, 2014

“This class has helped to make me into the person I am today … Mr. Clark, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have taught me in the past three years of high school.”

Brandon Schon, 2015

“Before joining Financial Services, I had no idea what I wanted to do in high school, college, or life. This class has inspired me to be successful in my life and put me on the right track for the future.”

Russell Baldrick, 2016

“My journey in Financial Services started out as a random accounting class I took in my sophomore year, but it ended up turning into so much more. I realized that Mr. Clark was an amazing teacher and he cared about his students like they were his own kids.”

Matt Kuhl, 2017

“This class was definitely my favorite class throughout high school … and it wasn’t even close. Through all the class field trips, group projects, games played, and other activities where you get to have fun and learn at the same time, it has been phenomenal. The memories in this class are countless.”

Rajeh El Qasem, 2018

Calendar for 2018-19






  • Aug 6-8: KCU Training
  • Aug 14: BPA 2Tuesday
  • Aug 18: BPA Car Wash
  • Aug 24: Go Bananas!
  • Aug 29: Open House 6-8pm
  • Aug 30: Fundraiser Meeting 3:30 (w/exec)
  • Sep 1: MW and Prom?
  • Sep 1: BPA Registration Opens
  • Sep 11: BPA Meeting
  • Sep 12: Fundraiser Kickoff
  • Sep 13: FSS UC Trip
  • Sep 14: CEAC
  • Sep 26: Ohio BPA Pin Design Deadline
  • Sep 28: SO Intent Form Deadline
  • Oct 5: Homecoming Parade/Game
  • Oct 8: SO Screening
  • Oct 9: Senior Exploration Day (B1-3)
  • Oct 9: BPA Meeting
  • Oct 10, 18: PT Conferences 4-7:30pm
  • Oct 20: Spooky Stroll
  • Oct 25: BT Overview in History Classes
  • Oct 26: Ohio BPA T-Shirt Design Deadline
  • Oct 31: FLC
  • Nov 1: BPA Mem Cutoff
  • Nov 9: Honor Roll Breakfast 8-9:30am
  • Nov 9: BT Off Campus Overview (B7)
  • Nov 13: BPA Meeting / Thanksgiving
  • Nov 14: Sophomore Tours
  • Nov 19: NWHS/CHS Exchange Tours (B5-6)
  • Nov 20: Student/Faculty Volleyball
  • Nov 26: BT App System Opens!
  • Nov 28: BT Off Campus Visits
  • Nov 30: Power Lunch
  • Dec 7: CEAC
  • Dec 11: BPA Meeting / Christmas / Fin Lit Day
  • Dec 17: BPA Competition Choices Due
  • Jan 8: BPA Meeting
  • Jan 18: Ohio BPA Scholarship Deadline
  • Jan 18: BT Priority App Deadline
  • Jan 25: MORP
  • Feb 1: OK Breakfast
  • Feb 1: State Intern App Deadline
  • Feb 2: RLC Judged Events
  • Feb 6: RLC Awards
  • Feb 12: BPA Meeting
  • Feb 13: 8th Grade Family Night
  • Feb 13: PT Conferences 4-7:30pm
  • Feb 15: Torch Awards Deadline
  • Feb 15: SLC Registration Deadline
  • Feb 15: Ohio BPA Dues Deadline for SLC
  • Feb 16: Pre-Submit Deadline for SLC
  • Feb 20: ACT for Juniors
  • Feb 22: Black History Month Activities
  • Feb 23: Oscar Ball
  • Feb 28: Ohio BPA Cares Deadline
  • Mar 1: Senior Superlatives Awards 2pm
  • Mar 12: BPA Meeting
  • Mar 12: PT Conferences 4-7:30pm/BT Welcome
  • Mar 14-15: SLC
  • Mar 29: Student/Faculty Basketball
  • Apr 1: Pre-Submit Deadline for NLC
  • Apr 8-26: AIR Testing
  • Apr 9: BPA Meeting
  • Apr 29: NHS Inductions 6pm
  • Apr 30-May 6: NLC
  • May 7: Top 10/Military Recognition 1pm
  • May 8: Signing Day 1pm
  • May 9: Last Day of Class for Seniors
  • May 9: Senior Honors Night 6pm
  • May 10: Senior Brunch/Prom
  • May 13: Senior Exams
  • May 14: BPA Meeting
  • May 16: Underclass Honors Night 6pm
  • May 17: Graduation Rehearsal / FS Cookout
  • May 20: Graduation 7pm at BB&T
  • Jun 7: CEAC