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Fundamentals of Financial Services & Corporate Finance
"Financial Services Seniors" consists of two courses: Fundamentals of Financial Services and Corporate Finance. Throughout the second year of the program, FSS students focus on all aspects of personal finance and business finance ... and prepare for a successful transition to college and beyond.











Financial Services Seniors


10pts daily, due by the end of class.

Every day, class will start with a "Question of the Day". You should do your best to write a complete response (25 word minimum) to the question and EMAIL it to me. If you aren't sure about what to write, please ask! No credit will be given for late QODs, unless you were absent that day.



Monday, March 4: What are “Capital Projects”? Give 3 examples and explain how businesses might finance each. 

Tuesday, March 5: No QOD - Old Navy!

Wednesday, March 6: What are some of the ways that a business might use to help them decide among capital projects?

Thursday, March 7: Let’s say McDonalds is introducing a new burger worldwide. What are the geographic, economic, social-cultural, and political-legal factors that could create risk for the company?

Friday, March 8: In terms of business expansion, what is the difference between horizontal and vertical integration? Give an example of each for Dunkin Donuts. 



Monday, March 11: What actions might companies take to increase their business growth? How might they finance this growth?

Tuesday, March 12: If you owned a business and one of your credit customers was delinquent in paying you, what steps would you take to collect?

Wednesday, March 13: How do you feel about the test today?

Thursday, March 14: Blockbuster was once an incredibly successful business that dominated the at-home video market. What happened?

Friday, March 15: What is the difference between a CENTRALIZED and DECENTRALIZED business? What are the advantages of each?



Monday, March 18: FSS is ¾  over … 3 reflection questions: (1) What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned? (2) What’s your favorite memory? (3) What are you looking forward to in Q4?

Tuesday, March 19: Today you will be reviewing for the quarter exam. What topic(s) are you most concerned about? What material do we need to review together?

Wednesday, March 20: No QOD (SLO/Exam)

Thursday, March 21: We’re doing an activity today where YOU play an investment banker.  So … what role does an INVESTMENT BANKER serve in the economy?

Friday, March 22: What are BONDS? What are some of the types of bonds (who issues them)? What advantages do they offer the issuers?



100pts weekly, due by Sunday at midnight.

Every week, you will be responsible for finding a recent news article which relates to a relevant business, finance, or entrepreneurship topic. The criteria include:

  • A 250 word paragraph that (1) summarizes your article, (2) explains how it relates to class, and (3) provides your own personal reflections on the topic.
  • Typed in MS Word or Google Docs and attached to an email.
  • Use MLA format for the paper and cite your source.
  • No credit will be given if your current event does not meet all of these criteria.

Example of Current Event in MLA Format



Yahoo Business: //

CNN Money: //

Fox Business:

NBC Business:

ABC Business: //

CBS MoneyWatch:


Fast Company:



Young Entrepreneur:

Wall Street Cheat Sheet: //  

Tax Information for Students: // 

Ohio Society of CPAs: 

American Institute of CPAs: 



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Copies of the syllabus, weekly sheets, worksheets, and handouts can be downloaded in PDF format below.


FSS Syllabus 2018-19

FSS Guide & Forms 2018-19

FSS Weekly Sheet 19 20

FSS Weekly Sheet 21

FSS Weekly Sheet 22

FSS Weekly Sheet 23

FSS Weejly Sheet 24

FSS Weekly Sheet 25

FSS Weekly Sheet 26

FSS Weeky Sheet 27

FSS Weekly Sheet 28

FSS Weekly Sheet 29

FSS Weekly Sheet 30



FSS Stock Market Game

CFIN 1-1

Researching Your Portfolio

CFIN 1-2

Article: Inflation Makes Incomes Small

CFIN 1-3

Article: Dominos Delivers Turnaround

CFIN 1-4

CFIN 1 Case Study

CFIN 1 Review

Article: What a CEO Really Does

CFIN 2-1

CFIN 2-2

CFIN 2 Case Study

PowerPoint: Forms of Business

CFIN 2-3

Financial Institutions

CFIN 2-4

CFIN 2 Review

CFIN 3-1

CFIN 3-2

MartyGRASS Financial Stmts

CFIN 3-3

CFIN 3 Case Study

Wuzzup Widgets

CFIN 3-4

Simple and Compound Interest

CFIN 3 Review

CFIN 4-1

CFIN 4 Case Study

CFIN 4-2

CFIN 4-3

The Crown Jewels

CFIN 4-4

P&G Ratio Review

CFIN 4 Review (not assigned)

CFIN 5-1

Taking a Closer Look

Article: Equity Crowdfunding

CFIN 5-2

CFIN 5-3

CFIN 5 Case Study

Article: Reality Check

CFIN 5-4

SmartArt: Cash Flow

CFIN 6-1

Capital Project Project

This Old Hotel

CFIN 6-2

CFIN 6 Case Study

Cost of Capital WACC WILD

CFIN 6-3

Article: Ketchup Packets

CFIN 6-4

CFIN 6 Review

CFIN Unit II Review

CFIN Project I

CFIN Project II

CFIN 7-1

Many Options

Chart: Financing Choices

CFIN 7-2

The Market Go Round



CFIN 1 Text

CFIN 2 Text

CFIN 3 Text

CFIN 4 Text

CFIN 5 Text

CFIN 6 Text

CFIN 7 Text




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